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It's here folks! 

We now have a GTA crew which is open to all. We hope to expand the community into GTA and other games, as well as Minecraft, but we are still focussing on our current servers for the time being. If you want to join our crew the link will be below. By joining the crew you will be able to participate in special events, races, heists as well as play with some fellow AG players. You will be able to compare stats, share things, make your way up the ranks and also help advertise the community.

The link to the crew is

Hope to see you in it!

Hello there! 

Lately the team has been planning to redesign, and/or move the website over to a new theme. The staff has been feeling pretty optimistic about the change in hopes it'll keep the community motivated and on track to keep growing. There has also been massive planning for Fallout: Atlanta by their development team, who will constantly be posting updates for the server. 

If you have any server suggestions, please feel free to post them in the forums! The team is planning to be back on schedule with proper advertising and events near April. 

- Creeper

Site update: 

So far we're working on a bit of a sketchy version of the new homepage, how do you feel about it? We're looking for feedback so we can cotinue with changes. 

Zeurals Looking sweet!
Mythical_ x Sounds great
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