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Hi there, I have been looking into more features for WesternMC and I have came up with a few things!

Lock Picking: So a few of you have been requesting this and I have decided to add it to the "Robber" donor rank. What this will allow you to do is have a 25% chance to lock pick a house. And then you will only have 5 seconds to get as much loot as you can!

Quests: The were only a few quests on the Western server. Most players had done them multiple times. So I have done a lot of scripting and added many more quests!

"Deputy": The newest thing to the Western store is the "Sheriff" rank will have access to an NPC to travel along and fight with them!

Upcoming Event: I have thought long and hard about this and have decided to plan the server's first event! I'm not quite sure what it will be just yet but somewheres along the lines of Horse Race/Scavenger Hunt.

Weapon Packs: We will also be releasing weapon packs on the store to let the players get access to new guns!

I am always recruiting help and always open to suggestions so don't be afraid to post your ideas!

Update First Night Of Release.

matysm a posted Fri at 3:14
Alright Guys,

First night.
Perms were not well calibrated and thus the server did not open as smoothly as hoped. Nonetheless Fib was fantastic help and tons of fun to rp with. Him and Ender helped us to figure out what we needed to do to stream line. Perms need to be fixed. But in the meantime I'm glad you two enjoyed it, as flawed as it first was. Let us likc our wounds and we will get back to you with full perms as soon as possible.

Thanks for the help guys,

Morgan aka Matysm

P.S: Fib and Ender if you guys want to keep on helping us out with testing it's more than appreciated.

rockinshooter08 @ Fallout
How would one become Whitelisted? I did post on the DR forums here: ...
matysm a Thanks guys we will have this working in no time.
Zeurals a Congratulations, hope this goes well for you! Treat Emily well!
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