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Just writing out a status update, we're pretty close to relaunching the servers all fresh and error free. It took quite some time digging through what files could be salvaged for TWD and in return we've added a lot to the features of the server. 

- All files cleared, players will start from fresh with a big starter get to get them moving again.
- All mob arena classes updated depending on your group - rewards boosted. 
- All weapons have been doubled in damage - adding attachments now alters the weapons accuracy, damage, range, etc. 
 - All houses have been cleared and ready to sell
- All loot chests have been updated 
- Members can now use tokens to buy donator perks

Features Added: 
- Working GUI for the token shop, allowing players to use tokens on donator perks and weapon attachments.
- Mob Arena classes depending on rank chosen at start. 
- Four new guns! 
- Different Walkers including runners, heavy-duty, suicide, and variations at which they spawn. These walkers drop different loot upon death and make the game slightly more challenging. 
333DYNAMO333 Urrrgh ok. Will i finally get my gun
my_lil_pony2020 I bought a house a week or two ago will I lose it?
Greetings everyone, 

Lately we've had lots of database errors resulting in flawed servers, this is still a persistent problem we're trying to work around. There has been a ton of inactivity due to the holidays, but we'd like to announce the release of some Awesome AerisGaming stickers. 

For anyone who hasn't seen mine, its looking awesome! 

You can grab your own AerisGaming sticker from our shop here

Happy Holidays, 

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