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Western MC Is Back Up

killerbigmacs a posted 13 hours ago
After a hard 2 hours at work I was finally able to get Western back up to its 100% functioning state. I was able to recover all lost plugins/data and was able to restore the old map. The roll back was from around 4:00 EST time so no big player data losses should of occurred. The white list has since been turned off.

Thanks for your understanding through this time,
- killerbigmacs (Ryan)
Hello players,

I am sorry to inform you all that WMC will be going on a temporary whitelist due to massive griefings. We have lost all of our plugins but not the data going with them. We will find the most recent map backup and restore that. We will hope to have the server backup and running in about 2-4 days. Any information on the possible people that have caused this is greatly needed. Anyone with helpful information will be rewarded greatly.

Edit* We may be able to have the server up and 100% working in a few hours

- killerbigmacs (Ryan)

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