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1.7.9 Server Updates

DamnCreeperEater a posted Mon at 16:22
Hello everyone!

As of Minecraft version 1.7.9, the way player-data is stored has changed. Due to this any of our servers updating to the latest version will result in a loss of player data. For Fallout: Atlanta, I took this as an opportunity to launch the server out of BETA testing. 

What does this mean for Fallout: Atlanta? [1.7.9]
We will try to restore many of your ranks, simply throw us a message to be re-added into your rank. However inventories will remain reset. The server is now public and as planned has come with a reset of data. 

What does this mean for The Walking Dead? [1.7.5-1.7.8]
Although The Walking Dead is in need of a data reset, we're going to keep the server in 1.7.5-1.7.8 until further notice. Until the new map is complete, we won't be resetting any data.

We're sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused in the last few days. Hopefully Mojang will slow down with releases of new versions so that Craftbukkit/Spigot can catch up! 

Fallout: Atlanta Glitches Fixed!

Hello everyone!

This week we just about finish up on the features for Fallout:Atlanta. The reason why we've been telling each clan to have different chat colors, is due to our new addition to the server (Thank Scavy!
Each clan, once verified - will be assigned Clan armor. It can be found in their base and spawned in for all of their team members to wear. 

Selfie at the BoS base, their armor is blue. 

We also will need to set requirements in order to have your clan verified. As of right now, we're just verifying major clans from the Fallout series. We plan to change this over to a certain number of members, or use of the forums + activity of the leader. If you have any suggestions on what the minimum should be for becoming a verified clan throw down a suggestion. 

We've also been getting a lot of quest requests, they do take some time to script out and test but I am working on them! Keep posting them in the forums. 
Neo_xialgan I might or Might not make quests for awhile until things settle for me :/ never had a good day for a long time
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