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Hello everyone! 

We're very excited to announce the release of our hub which will connect the current  AG servers. The hub was a project started by our former Co-Founder, Zeurals back in February (Z's Vision). The hub was fully finished and awaiting release for a time we felt the community would benefit from it. 

The hub is being worked on heavily by our developers and is packed with useful features. We're finishing a project that we know Zeurals would have loved to see completed and makes AG an excellent unique network. The release date for the hub is September 24th, 2014.

"ClickPlay is known to be a world class hybrid server that gives players access to a full range of custom designed game-mode's such as WesternMC, The Walking Dead & Fallout. ClickPlay allows our community to select a game-mode with ease and still be in contact with each other." - Zeurals

killerbigmacs a Im glad to be a part of making it!
Hello Players,

I have been hard at work adding more mini games like many players have suggested! I have added two new games with more to come. The first being the new Vault you can raid in Black Water City!

Complete the complex corse to get to the Vault. Defeat the Sheriff and claim your riches! You must be quick on your feet though as you only have a limited time to raid!

The Cannon. A pre Civil War machine of destruction. With its high powered cannon balls it can blast through any mountains! You may get lucky and find riches in the mountains, but we weary of the cave ins! They are more deadly than the cannon its self.

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