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DamnCreeperEater a posted 12 hours ago

Hi guys, 

Lately I've personally been working (two jobs!) which has totally taken up all of my time from the community. We're attempting to find others interested in running and expanding other parts of the community in my absense. I don't want to say this is the end, as I'm always around and finding time for the community in the end. In order to keep growing at the rate we were though, we'd like to find other server owners to join in and managers to run things at a quick pace! 

On the bright side, we're focusing on The Walking Dead more than ever - and slow progress with the Demigods project. 



killerbryan Note to this, if you want to try to help I would recommend to advertise TWD and give ideas for demigods. Also if you can ...

 Hello everyone,

 April is a big month for the community, as well as AG's 2nd Birthday! To mark another  year we're attempting to go back on an old goal of becoming a gaming community. The  introduction of the GTAV clan/branch of AerisGaming will launch on April 14th, 2015.


With the removal of WMC, we have decided on a demigod, freebuild server. This server was pretty popular in the past and included a big castle styled spawn on top of a mountain. The features of the server will include classes (depening on your god) and a claiming system similar to factions. 

deathshark45 it was removed because the owner of the server did not use the donation money for the server, but steam games but i sti ...
FunnyWolf06 Love the demigods idea. Greek and Roman mythology was like my thing as a kid xD
DamnCreeperEater a WW2 would be awesome, if it had a proper owner.
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