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The team has been working on wasteland updates including various details to towns and landscape. We recently took a few screenies of locations on the servers. We posted up a few wallpaper sized with very high resolutions. We're hoping to throw out a new texture pack update with sounds, weapons, sell-able items, beers, and small crafting items. There are also some changes to names of items. 

The Walking Dead [Download Here]

Fallout Wallpaper [Download Here]

Much of the map progress can be tracked using the online map on the website! 

Welcome back! It's good to see all of our old players again. Enjoy the new updates and more to come.. 
Weapon Customization:
This feature took the longest for the group of us to set, it allows for all members to transfer tokens gained from activities on the server into weapon attachments. It also means that everyone on the server has the ability to create their own custom weapons. 

Players will be able to rent houses for a 7 day period. After which, they can re-rent or face possible "looting" of their home. After 7 days, unless re-rented any player can use all items inside of the house. Donators [K] and above will be entitled to one free home (for a 2 week period.) After which they'll also need to rent weekly in order to keep the house. 


The same team plugin will be used, available for all groups. Spawning will be set per group, along with random spawning to leave each groups spawn. 

In other news, we're hoping to update our two server trailers (and add in WesternMC)

DamnCreeperEater a Ended up launching at 6PM-EST Servers online!
pugsRus123 When will it be up? It's already 5:15! I'm dying to see the server! And you guys are actually going to follow the EULA? ...
Calebizzthaman a With the new EULA we had to change it. Players will be able to craft them but the old donors will keep their guns.
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